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Help your patients control their plaque and gum disease by creating a personalised chart with the interspace brush of your choice indicated. The patient can easily follow the chart and use the correct size brush for each interspace. In this way they can control periodontal diseases. Spacemark-D is a unique, specialist designed programme that...

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Spacemark Dental Charting System - Medical Futures Finalist 2011, developed by Dr Chris Turner, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry.

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Create, Edit and Store Patient Brush Charting Plans!

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Once registered with Spacemark-D, each patient file costs just £1.00.

"I have used Spacemark-D for the last four and a half months and it has proved to be a valuable tool in my routine of interdental brushing.... easy to use, timesaving and most importantly ensures accurate and efficient use of interdental brushes."


Spacemark-D Charting System

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