Instruction Guideliness

Put out one interspace brush of each color that has been prescribed for you. Place your SPACEMARK-D Personal Plan in a convenient place, for example in front of your bathroom mirror. Your plan shows your teeth and spaces on your right hand side on the right hand side of the page: the left side is on the left side of the page. Adopt a systematic approach so that each space between your teeth is cleaned with the correct size brush. SPACEMARK-D recommends that you start in the space between your front teeth (central incisors) and marked R1-L1 on your personal record. Clean this space using the correct colored interspace brush using a forwards and backwards brushing motion for 3 or 4 times. Then move onto the next space to the rear of one side of your mouth, then the next tooth back, and so on, until you have cleaned each space in that quarter (quadrant) of your mouth. Return to the centre space and clean the opposite side (quadrant) from the front backwards as before. Then change to the other jaw and repeat the process. Where spaces are marked ‘OK’ and not colored, the space(s) is too small for any size of brush to pass through, and you should not attempt to use them there. Finally, rinse your mouth with water. Wash and dry your interspace brushes.