Maintaining Periodontal (Gum) Health

Do you have bleeding or receding gums or periodontal (gum) disease? Then let the Spacemark-D plan help reduce your risks of tooth loss and disease progression. You should visit your dentist/hygienist at the maintenance recall intervals they have advised is appropriate for your individual needs. This has been shown to reduce the risk of tooth loss and recurrence of your periodontal disease.

1. More importantly, your optimum personal oral hygiene on a daily basis is essential to remove plaque and therefore the bacteria that are the cause of the disease.

2. Unfortunately, many people are rarely completely effective in removing plaque3 because they do not have a plan to follow at home.

One important aid to cleaning these spaces is the interdental brush. For optimum plaque control you need to use the correct size of brush for the different sizes of spaces in your mouth. These brushes are made in several colour coded sizes and by different manufacturers. It is important to keep to the make and colour coded brush prescribed by your dentist or hygienist as there is, to date, no standardisation of colour/size between manufacturers. Your dentist/hygienist may advise you to use various sizes of brush to remove plaque from your interdental spaces. But how do you remember which colour to use where, particularly when several sizes (colours) are required for really effective plaque control?

As it is all too easy for you forget which colour interspace brush to use where, the Spacemark-D Dental Plan has been developed as a computer program for your dentist/hygienist to record at a click the colour brush chosen for each of your interdental spaces. Missing teeth are charted. Where there is insufficient space to use a brush, then this is left as ‘OK’ on the chart and is the cue for you to use floss in this area. All spaces are charted and either printed or transferred as a PDF file for your dentist’s record. However, the standard dental chart places your right side on the left side of the page making it difficult for you to follow what to do. Uniquely Spacemark-D flips the dental chart through 180 degrees to produce your personal plaque control plan the correct way for you. This plan can be placed in front of your bathroom mirror and is easy to follow. Using the Spacemark-D plan it is very easy for you to control interproximimal plaque daily and therefore significantly reduce your risks of further bone loss.4

If you use interspace brushes then ask your dentist or hygienist to prepare a plan for you. Spacemark Dental Care are developing a network of registered prescribers. If you have difficulty in obtaining your personal plan, then contact us by e-mail on for a list of dentists in your area.

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